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Lock in a low 8.99% APR

We're serious about saving you money. That's why we're letting our Visa Credit Cardholders lock in an 8.99% APR on qualified transferred balances. And that rate is good until you pay off the balances.

  • Transfer other card balances here at just 8.99% APR for life of the balance
  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Annual Fee

Already carrying our card? Transfer balances now up to your limit. Need a higher limit? Talk to us.

Balance Transfer Form to Visa Credit Card

Not carrying our card? Our Visa Credit Card has an everyday low rate and so much more:

  • Low rate of 12.4% APR
  • NO Annual Fee, NO Balance Transfer Fee, and NO Cash Advance Fee
  • No Penalty Rate, unlike other lenders

Apply now and upon approval, we can help you transfer balances and lock in a great rate.

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All loans subject to credit approval.

Balance Transfer Offer Details: Balance transfer Annual Percentage Rate available 1/1/24 to 3/31/24. You authorize Marin County Federal Credit Union to charge your MCFCU Visa Credit Card for the amount listed for transfers. You understand that you are applying for a transfer amount up to the total amount listed on your Balance Transfer request. Balance Transfers are processed in the order listed and for the amount requested, or up to your available credit line. MCFCU is not responsible for incorrect issuer account numbers or addresses provided to us. MCFCU will advise you if it is unable to process your transfer request for any reason. You will continue to make payments until the Balance Transfer is complete. You may not transfer balances to pay off any existing MCFCU account. You agree to abide by the complete terms and conditions of the MCFCU Credit Card account you were previously provided.