Murphy a dog at Marin Humane

Murphy Update

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We've paid Murphy's Marin Humane adoption fee

Meet Murphy, an adult dog with a personality that can light up any room. His sweetness is as contagious as his energy, and his friendly demeanor is sure to win over anyone he meets. Murphy is known for his goofy antics that keep everyone laughing. He loves to play, making him the perfect companion for active individuals or families. His energy is infectious, and he's always ready for a game of fetch or a good romp in the yard. Murphy's playful spirit and loving nature make him an ideal companion.

Adopt Murphy and bring home not just a pet, but a bundle of joy and laughter.

You can learn more and schedule a visit by calling 415-506-6225.

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Murphy got himself adopted

Murphy with his new family

Look at Murphy with his new family. We're so grateful to those that adopt, don't shop.