Banking Services

We aim to make your financial life as easy as possible with time-saving services that let you focus on other things.

Direct Deposit

Have your net paycheck, government check or tax refund deposited directly into your Marin County Credit Union account.

  • Skip the branch visit
  • Your funds are available immediately
  • No more lost checks or driving to a branch
  • You can divide your deposit among several accounts

Payroll Deduction

This is the best way to build your savings automatically each payday.

  • You can designate any amount up to your total net pay
  • Set it up once and you’re done
  • Simplest way to make loan payments

Overdraft Protection

Avoid the “declined transaction” at the checkout with our convenient Overdraft Protection.

  • No overdraft transfer fees
  • Set up automatic advances from your savings account
  • Automatic advances also available from your Visa Credit Card or line of credit

To set up these convenient services, call us at (888) 521-0135, contact us or stop by our office.