Fee Schedule

General Fees
Fee Type Fee
Membership Fee $5
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $20
Outgoing International Wire Transfer $35
Incoming Wire (Domestic) $10
Incoming Wire (International) $20
Outgoing International Wire US Dollars $45
Check Cashing Fee $5
Notary Fee $10 per signature (non-MCFCU documents)
Signature Guarantee $10 per signature
Re-opening Account fee $25
Mailed receipts $2
Shares/Share Draft Account Fees
Fee Type Fee
Returned Deposit $25
Statement Copy Fee $5
Account History Printout (1 month) $5
Account Reconciliation/Research Fee $30 per hour, 1 hour min.
Stop Payment Order Fee Share drafts $20
Stop Payment Order Fee Teller Checks $20
ACH/Electronic items $20
Teller Checks 2 free monthly, $10 thereafter
Account Escheat fee $2
Bad address fee when mail is returned $20
Garnishments, Levies, Legal Orders $25
Account closure (within 90 days of opening) $25
Share Draft Copy 3 free per month/$5 thereafter
Copy of deposit items $5
Non Sufficient Funds (Paid or Returned)
(Drafts, ACH/Electronic items)
Verification of deposit $20
Non-proprietary Card Cash Advance Fee 1.5% of transaction, $10 max.
Temporary checks $1 each

ATM deposit corrections

Card Fees
Card Services Fee
Replacement Visa debit or credit card $10
Additional Visa Card $5
Expedited delivery Visa debit or credit card Debit card: $45
Credit card: $25
Copy of Visa credit or debit draft $20
Late Payment Fee $20
Returned Payment Fee $25
Visa Statement Copy $5
Visa International Service Assessment 1% of Transaction
MasterCard Issuer Cross-Border Assessment
(International ATM transactions via Cirrus)
0.80% of Transaction Amt.
MasterCard Currency Conversion Assessment
(International ATM transactions via Cirrus)
0.20% of Transaction Amt.
Loan Fees
Fee Type Fee
Returned Loan Payment $25
Card Payment Fee 1.5% of Transaction, $10 max.
Consumer Loan Late Fee $20
HELOC Late Fee $20
Deed Reconveyance/Recording $75 per title + County recording fees
Real Estate Subordination Fee $150
Demand for Payoff $25
HELOC Increase Fee $250
EFT Fees
Fee Type Fee
ATM & Debit Card Transactions at
non-MCFCU owned ATM
5 free per month/$1 thereafter