Turn Your Cards On and Off

Remote Control for peace of mind

You've left your Credit or Debit card at the restaurant...you think. Or maybe you left it at home...maybe.

Not a problem with Remote Control, our free service that lets you turn your Marin County Credit Union Credit and Debit cards off from your smartphone. If your card is lost or stolen, you can put a permanent block on the card. You can also temporarily disable your card while traveling or if there's been a data breach where you've shopped.

All you need is our free Mobile Banking app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Control

How does it protect my privacy?
Remote Control lets you turn access to your cards on and off whenever you wish.

When should I use it?
If you have misplaced your cards, won’t be using them for awhile, or suspect fraudulent use. For maximum security, disable your cards until you need to use them.

What do I need to use Remote Control?
All you need is our free Mobile Banking app. You can download it for your Apple or Android devices.

Remote Control screens on smartphoneHow do I use Remote Control
Log in, tap the menu button and select “Remote Control Cards” from menu.

Tap on the card you wish to control.

Select an option:

Active: Your card is ready for use.

Disable: Lock your card so it can’t be used.

Lost or Stolen: Permanently disable your card; it cannot be reactivated. You must contact us to get a new card.

What happens when I disable my card?
No card activity will be permitted until the card is reactivated.

Is there a fee to use Remote Control?
No, this is a free service.

Is there a limit on how often I can use Remote Control?
No, you can use as often as necessary.